Customisable admin panel to control the application and generate reports

Centralised dashboard

All the tools you need to control the every aspect of your business from e-commerce to supply chain to sales teams.

Set roles and reporting frameworks

Role based platform for permissions and access control, with 100% customisable reporting frameworks agile enough to suit your business needs.

Generate reports

Generate reports from our pre-defined list or build your own report depending on the key performance indicators that are important to you.

Admin portal to control application and generate reports

Key Features

Here are some of the features that you get access to with our Admin Portal.

Key features of Admin Portal

Detailed Analytics

Get access to detailed analytics that helps you determine the performance different teams within the organization.

Role Based Permissions

Clearly defined role-based access levels allow certain roles access to certain sections of the admin panel.

Profit and Loss calculation

Use our proprietary tools to calculate profit and loss at the end of week/month/year.

Inventory and Content Management System

Update your inventory and content from the backend so that every element of your e-commerce website can be updated without technical knowledge.


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With the increasing costs of maintaining a traditional retail store, take your business online with our full suite of applications for e-commerce businesses.

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As one of our niches, use our custom built software with UI designed specifically for electronics companies to digitize your business.

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Schools and colleges have rapidly adapted to the socially distanced world of virtual classes. Solve their problems by providing online shopping for educational supplies.

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One of the fastest growing markets in the world today is on the verge of being digitised. Get a slice of the pie by setting up an e-commerce framework in the medical field.


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